First C4R Seminar on Resilience Governance through Commons

27 March 2021

Seminar recording: Resilience Governance through Commons

[00:15:00] Introduction

[00:22:10] Presentation of BigBlueButton

[00:34:35] Presentation of the seminar

[00:41:43] Presentation of the C4R project

[00:51:56] Pecha Kucha

Intentional communities [00:53:55] CLTBruxelles (Sophie Ghyselen, BE) /

[01:02:38] MOBA Housing SCE (Ana Džokić & Marc Neelen, RS & NL) /

[01:07:35] Asilo Filangeri (IT) /

[01:17:47] NetHood (Ileana Apostol, CH);

Open civic communities [01:26:26] ZAD de Notre Dame Des Landes (Isabelle Fremeaux, FR) ;

[01:33:43] Agrocité Hubs (Pascale Meker & Constantin Petcou, FR) /

[01:49:00] Fédération Murs à Pêche de Montreuil (Clément Girard, FR) /

Multi-scale networks [02:07:14] R-Urban (Doina Petrescu, FR & Andreas Lang, UK)
R-Urban is a citizen-driven ecological transition strategy that was initiated in 2008 by AAA and subsequently developed on the basis of multiple partnerships: local actors, municipalities, NGOs, traders, researchers, residents. This strategy has made it possible to build several specific units in the Paris and London region.

[02:17:53] Transition Vallée de la Bièvre (Simon Burkovic, FR) /

Shared expertise, P2P, cooperativism [02:27:43] femProcomuns (Monica Garriga, ES) /

[02:33:54] Chartes des communs urbains / Remix the commons /

[02:41:54] DisCO (Stacco Troncoso, ES) /

Experiences of resilience governance through commons

[02:53:50] Keynote
Maria Francesca De Tullio (IT)

[04:22:58] Keynote
David Bollier (USA)

[05:02:22] Discussion

[05:45:56] Transversal discussion between the working groups and formulation of hypothesys of possible tools to be shared with other project leaders, activists and researchers.