L200: Also your space

L200 is a collective space in a very central and visible locations in the city of Zurich, with an area of 75 sqm that may be flexibly organized for various uses throughout the day.

Given its location, the rent of L200 matches the market prices, and this requires careful organization to maintain the non-profit character of the initiatives that are part of it, while at the same time become a truly open and diverse hybrid space. The selected approach is to take advantage of technological tools that will allow the efficient and flexible management of the space as a commons, ranging from co-working and food services during the day, to a wide variety of gatherings and events during the evenings, open to the creativity, needs and political demands of not only the organizations involved, but of all the residents of the neighbourhood.

Here is a short video teaser that showcases the diversity of activities:

And this is a recent publication, which summarizes NetHood's perspective on the design and governance of L200, among others:

Apostol, I. and Antoniadis, P. (2020). Central urban space as a hybrid common infrastructure. Journal of Peer Production. Issue #14: Infrastructuring the Commons Today.