“…take money into account for grounding utopian projects: coin is an object that encrypted certain relationship dynamics”

By Yin Aiwen of ReUnion Network, Rotterdam

The C-words campaign is inspired by the format of Casco’s third Annual Assembly We Owe Each Other Everything that takes place online in December 2020. Participants were invited to reflect on their collective working practice by choosing a word beginning with C.

Together these formed C-words for the Commons and were a starting point for the different Assembly groups to discuss the diverse stories and experiences that stemmed from these words. The outcomes of the Assembly mapping workshops were to highlight new ideas, relationships and creative entanglements to adopt when working collectively.

In 2021, Casco is launching a poster-campaign that illustrates six C-words (Coin, Community, Care, Climate, Cosmos and Culture) by six Utrecht-based illustrators. The posters are disseminated all around Utrecht and online especially aiming to appeal to a younger audience to engage with these urgent issues and to visit Casco’s website to learn more about the Commons through art.

The C-words campaign identifies ecological, social and economic urgencies from which discussions, projects and coalitions can be derived in order to imagine new ways of resiliently tackling these issues through collaborative practices and thinking.