C4R, a federated platform

This web site is at the same time a short presentation of the C4R project and a testbed for the federated platform

The C4R platform is envisioned as a federation of small scale web sites installed and maintained locally by communities, organizations, initiatives that wish to share their resilient practices through a digital platform that is itself resilient.

Developing Internet platforms in such an organic way, from the bottom-up, is easier to say than to do and there have been many efforts in the past, like previous projects of C4R partners, MAZI and EcoDa.

In C4R we will attempt to address challenges from the past in innovative ways as follows:

  • Separate the content from the platform implementation
  • Produce rich educational material for server installation and maintenance
  • Promote the idea of "slow" content, producing blog entries that are contantly refined and updated instead of endless "streams"
  • Build on existing mature open source software instead of reinventing the wheel
  • Design for federation and collaboration