Rojava Film Commune

Rojava Film Commune by Rojava Film Commune Komîna Fîlm a Rojava is a collective of filmmakers founded in Rojava in 2015, it was created with the purpose of bringing cinema to the people of Rojava and further developing its democratic revolution.


MaziZone is a hybrid space, whose digital infrastructure is located inside the corresponding physical location, owned and managed by those involved.

Art for Universal Basic Income

Art for Universal Basic Income by the Institute of Radical Imagination (IRI) If artists are already creating new collective economy models and alter-institutions, these small scale experiments will be much more valuable when connected with those growing social movements around the world fighting for a Universal Basic Income.

Open Collective Foundation (OCF) is creating a legal, financial, and technical commons for the solidarity economy. Community is about trust and sharing. Open Collective lets you manage your finances so everyone can see where money comes from and where it goes. Collect and spend money transparently

Hacker Pedagogy

C.I.R.C.E. develops an educative model to criticize what we call “Technologies of Domination”. Our approach is based on experiential learning to reflect on relationships with digital tools, especially the mass digital tools that people use as “natural” part of life.