Rojava Film Commune

What enables a community to operate with minimal reliance on money? The Rojava Film Commune works for the production, distribution, and reception of films depicting and documenting the stateless society of Rojava, Kurdish and Arab culture, and the region’s continuing military and ideological struggles.

The Rojava Film Commune is a collective of filmmakers founded in Rojava in 2015, it was created with the purpose of bringing cinema to the people of Rojava and further developing its democratic revolution.

Rojava is more than a region located in the Northern and Eastern Syria. It is an autonomous government established in 2014 while surviving what’s often referred as the Syrian war ridden with geopolitical complication. It’s based on the radical democratic principle whereby key values such as cooperativism, diversity, women, ecology rule. The film commune is one of many communes that form the basis of Rojava governance.


Roza The Country Of Two Rivers, a Documentary of Rojava Revolution by Rojava Film Commune:

Rojava Film Festival


You can watch a selection of the collective's works on their youtube channel here.

You can follow Rojava Film Commune's communication channels here and here.