Terrestrial Internet

The new book by Hans Widmer (aka P.M., author of bolo'bolo) is now published. "Auf den Boden kommen" (flyer in german), meaning "down to earth", a title inspired by Bruno Latour's work.

The book builds on previous collective work curated and edited by Hans Widmer (Die Andere Stadt and Nach Hause Kommen) focusing this time at the neighbourhood scale (20000 inhabitants), the 2nd out of 5 "glomos".

One of the book's proposals for living within ecological boundaries without sacrifice is the "terrestrial" Internet, an adaptation of the concept of the organic Internet by Panayotis Antoniadis (through C4R partner NetHood). The initial text has been written in English and is published also as a separate booklet, available to download here.

The terrestrial Internet will be then the topic of the next event of the 7at7 series, on Monday February 7 at 7pm CET, with the CIRCE group as a special guest. You can join at https://7at7.digital.