MaziZone is a hybrid space, whose digital infrastructure is located inside the corresponding physical location, owned and managed by those involved.

As a rule thumb, a digital infrastructure could be considered as part of a MaziZone if people interacting through it know where the server is located in the corresponding physical location/area (from a specific spot in the city, like a community space or a garden, to a neighbourhood or district, or a well defined wider urban area). And ideally, if they know who manages the infrastructure and can participate in discussions and/or decisions regarding its overall design and management.

The MAZI project in a period of three years (2016-2018) managed to develop a full fledged toolkit, the MAZI Toolkit for transforming a Raspberry Pi to a powerful local WiFi networking hosting a wide varity of free and open source applications, with a very simple installation procedure.

Like Wordpress the MAZI toolkit enables any person with basic technical skills to create their own web page on the Internet, the MAZI toolkit enables anyone to create a local web platform with many different web applications including Wordpress (see demo of the default "user view"), through a very simple administrator interface (see a demo of the admin panel).

Unfortunately no follow-up funding was secured and the development process had to stop (for now). But it still works perfectly for Raspberry Pi 3 B and 3 B+ (not the latest version).

It is part of the objectives of the C4R project to revive this work, and extend it to include a wider variety of hardware and software tools to build MaziZones.

Up to date information on the current status of the MAZI toolkit and related tools is available here:

And this is a page maintained by NetHood with examples of MaziZones deployed with the use of the MAZI toolkit: