Asilo Filangeri

"Asilo is a cultural center and a multifunctional space for artistic and cultural production, a common good space managed with assemblies open to all, where a common good space managed with assemblies open to all, where the decision making is done according to the consensus method. Starting from the governance practices of using assemblies and direct management, the community the community itself has developed rules for the use and management of the space, based on inclusion, cooperation, non-exclusive use and free expression of art and culture; in opposition to the and patronage and rejecting all forms of fascism, racism, sexism and discrimination. racism, sexism and homophobia. The space and its activities are self-managed by a heterogeneous, flexible and open community through open and horizontal assemblies and working groups, based on solidarity and the principle of principle of sharing spaces and means of production. Asilo is engaged in a constant process of process of experimentation and self-reflection at different scales (internal, national and European) that aims to make the and European level) that aims to make space, community and governance less patriarchal." L-Asilo-Filangieri-Source-Sabrina-Merolla L' Asilo Filangieri (Source: Sabrina Merolla) asilo_entrata_benecomune Source Radio StartmeUp Water-miniature-municipality-2-2000x1200 source heteropolitics L-Asilo-Filangieri-The-first-day-of-occupation-Source-Riccardo-Siano Source Asilo

Source texte: discription Pecha Kucha C4R