Asiye eTafuleni

Asiye eTafuleni (AeT) is a non-profit organization focused on promoting and developing good practice and process around inclusive urban planning & design. We collaborate with informal workers and allied professionals in order to develop inclusive urban spaces that support sustainable livelihoods for informal workers.

The goal of our work is to empower the working poor to become co-developers in their working environments. We advocate investment in urban planning and design interventions, and deep consultative and participatory processes. Asiye%20eTafuleni3 Photo: Dennis Gilbert for the publication 'Working in Warwick: Including Street Traders in Urban Plans Asiye%20eTafuleni1 Rights to the city for informal workers, Asiye eTafuleni 3-Discussions-about-the-opportunities-challenges-of-recycling-as-women-SQ-1024x1024 Recycling project, Asiye eTafuleni

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