The [Distributed Cooperative Organization] (https://disco.coop/) can be linked to a growing network that supports common initiatives, shared work and more common experiences. Being part of the cooperative implies a commitment to its values and requires the ability to devote time to it. It is about finding a balance between role and responsibility. There are different ways to take part in the experiment, from peer-to-peer communal production to a more traditional commune with clear rules of governance. DisCO is, first and foremost, an example of a peer-to-peer (P2P) system, promoting interdependence and inclusive work. It allows access to open sources, common principles and social solidarity. All this with the aim of carrying out meaningful and common projects built in parallel with an alternative to the current exclusive economy. DisCO_Manifesto_04_ DisCO Manifesto

600px-GTcommited_team2b DisCO- Distributed Cooperative Organization