Fédération Murs à Pêches de Montreuil

Les Murs à pêches is located in the heights of Montreuil and still represent 35 hectares of gardens, wastelands, partially occupied, inhabited or allocated to associations that maintain them and defend them from commercial and real estate interests. The diversity of its occupants and inhabitants makes the great richness of this territory. The Fédération des Murs à pêches groups together 16 associations and collectives working on this territory. Some associations occupy, thanks to twelve-year agreements, municipal plots for the most part. The rest of the plots belong to the department, the region or the State, and some are privately owned. Every year since 2000, it organizes the Festival des Murs à pêches, in order to make known and defend this territory through arts and cultures. Each association organizes its own events the rest of the time. 1200px-MONTREUIL_-_Le_clos_des_peches



Source texte and images: Fédération Murs à Pêches de Montreuil