Ferme de La Mhotte

Ferme de la Mhotte a place for the cultivation of the common

La Ferme de la Mhotte is a place where a group of people organize together their uses to create a social project at the crossroads of culture, agriculture and education.

La Ferme de la Mhotte belongs to the social and solidarity economy. It is a place of life and activities welcoming various publics (users, spectators, visitors, ...).

This project is at the same time open, evolutionary and communal:

  • Open, it is not part of a determined doctrine. It welcomes users and visitors every week. and visitors. The Farm also seeks to welcome new initiatives within the limits of of its maximum social capacity of habitation.
  • Evolving, the projects that find place on the Farm can be transformed, stop or give way to others. to others. The Farm's project is set up progressively, as relationships and initiatives mature, in a concerted and initiatives, in a concerted manner, on the basis of an evolving charter and internal regulations.
  • As a community, the Farm's inhabitants and workers organize their uses and developments together.

BUREAU1 Bureau d’Études, Ferme de la Mhotte JARDIN1 Jardin de la Mhotte, Ferme de la Mhotte 300862380_2162078690632417_4102495450133792266_n Fêtes, Ferme de la Mhotte Source text: Ferme de la Mhotte Source main image