Low Tech Lab

Low Tech Lab Low-tech thinking allows us to live better with less. We are convinced of this. And if it were more widely known, accepted and adapted, it would allow us to fight effectively against the environmental, social and societal ills of the 21st century. Since 2013, we have observed that many low-tech answers already exist just about everywhere and that individual and/or collective initiatives are emerging spontaneously in the four corners of the world. click here for text source lowphoto: Low Tech lab 0_nIyR2h4MIrTvjORKPremier atelier low-tech “fabrication de frigos du désert” avec les migrants du camp de Pikpa, Lesbos — © Février 2018, Low-tech Lab Low-tech%20kesako%20%E2%80%94%20%C2%A9%202018,%20Low-tech%20Lab%20Low-tech kesako — © 2018, Low-tech Lab