Saprophytes Architects, landscape architects, visual artists, builders and graphic designers, the Saprophytes have been developing artistic and political projects around social, economic and ecological concerns since 2007.

We claim a relational aesthetic that emphasizes social experience as a founding artistic and constructive act. For Les Saprophytes, the process of collective fabrication of the project is as important as its finished form. Seeking the specificities and potentials of each place, our projects of micro-urbanism, of concrete urbanism, weave their way between the scales of territory and express themselves through different types of actions.

installation-200x200 INSTALLATIONS

ephemeral installations, surprising urban objects that go out to meet the inhabitants of cities to question the uses and meaning of public spaces.

durable-200x200 DURABLE

Long-term actions on specific territories aiming at constituting groups of inhabitants-builders of collective projects for their neighbourhood.

construction-200x200 CONSTRUCTION

Construction or help to self-construction of furniture, small architecture, public space or scenography. rhyzome-au-dec2014 Source image Saprophytes pour-newsletter-2 Source image Saprophytes chantier-3-1024x683 Source image Saprophytes