Glasgow’s Urban Forest Portfolio

A pilot project in Glasgow by Trees AI. A new cloud-based platform launched in Glasgow to help fund, grow and maintain urban forests, as city’s frontline defense against flooding and pollution.

Trees are infrastructure, their roots are plumbing, their leaves are canopy, their trunks are sustainable building material. Urban trees are a city’s frontline flood defense and air quality regulators, they support its healthcare and education services. Forests sequester carbon, absorb stormwater and provide insurance amid the uncertainty of climate change. Their growth, cultivation and maintenance creates green jobs, improves biodiversity, provides homes for flora and fauna and places for humans to connect with nature. In June 2021, Glasgow City Region announced plans to plant 18 million trees in the upcoming decade creating extensive urban forests stretching across now-derelict sites and connecting historic woodlands. In October 2022, Glasgow hosted COP26, and amid the many pledges and promises made by politicians on behalf of nation states, we announced TreesAI - a new infrastructure to help fund, grow and maintain urban forests - which we’re piloting with Glasgow City Council. Capture%20d%E2%80%99e%CC%81cran%202023-03-01%20a%CC%80%2012.01.08 Mapping of trees within Glasgow territory trees_1_gEpd55UAV-i1GUi3rFTr7g Urban trees provide multiple services for the city. Investing in nature is important to reduce climate risks trees_1_7sa4Wt-e1_3R9tMdKH6cgA Organogram of the Trees As Infrastructure model trees_1_PuFF5ujCFirvlNOlxWlbhA Data-driven outcome/impact modelling comparing the estimated future benefits of two different green infrastructure designs

Source main image Source texte Domus Air n.4, April 2022