Cosmos Garden. Plans imagined by landscape designer Georgiana Strat

In 2021 a group of cultural workers together with, bought together a plot of land 40 km. north of Bucharest, where we are building The Experimental Station for Research on Art and Life. Amongst others, the Station aims to become a working place for artists and researchers interested in thinking a different relationship to nature. As such, we are striving to plant and maintain a garden that is responding to the challenges of climate change, which is paying attention to the local biodiversity and is at the same time permeable to metissage and cultural embedding.

Cosmos Garden, drawing its name from the plant originating from Mexico, Cosmos bipinnatus, is proposed by landscape designer Georgiana Strat as “a living laboratory of experimentation for nature, art and life. The purpose is testing, observing and foregrounding of models that creatively answer to themes such as: the decrease of water resources, conservation of biodiversity, migration of plants and animal species, models of sustainable feeding, fighting desertification etc.”

Georgiana Strat proposed a site analysis, a concept for the Cosmos Garden and a plan for the planting, and we presented these plans as part of the itinerating exhibition “Now the Impulse is to Live!”.