Inauguration of Wiki Village Factory (WVF) in Saint-Blaise, Paris 20th arrondissement

Soon, the inauguration of the Wiki Village Factory (WVF) in SaintBlaise, Paris 20th. As is often the case with our projects, it took a long time to get this innovative project off the ground: 432102580_3586603805002781_5071206361377551079_n

– It all began at the end of 2014, with the launch of the Re-inventer Paris competition by the Mairie de Paris: AAA initiated the Wiki Village Factory project. For this phase, the program is the priority, and we propose a Cluster for Social and Ecological Innovation. To form a consortium of partners, we invited the ecological and solidarity bank La Nef, the responsible real estate company Etic, Etamine, R-Urban, Le6B, Massachusets Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Canadian promoter Macogep.

– WVF is selected for the second phase of the competition; Macogep withdraws from the team and we invite REI to join as a new promoter. We find other innovative partners such as Terre de Liens and the AMAP network, Le Labo ESS, BioCoop, Jardins de Cocagne, Qualiconsult, Oregon and others. AAA initiates contacts with local players to involve them in the operation and local anchoring of the project. To this end, we have designed CoopSpaces (double-height spaces linking the different levels, to encourage creative exchanges, break down barriers and promote interaction… ).

– 2016: WVF is one of three finalists for the Place d’Italie site. The project is further improved: different types of urban agriculture, short circuits, wooden structure, recycling as much waste as possible produced on site… Finally, another project is selected. With the same project and the same team, we responded to the competition launched by SEMAEST for the Vitruve district (Paris, 20th arrondissement). This time, WVF is the winner! The media highlight the importance of the project for the neighborhood!

– In 2017, the team integrates DVVD as associate architects; from January 2018 to February 2019, AAA coordinates the APS and adapts the WVF project to the new, highly complex urban context (neighborhood with high-rise towers and a multi-storey parking lot, fire and handicapped standards, Local Urban Plan, etc.); the PC is coordinated by DVVD and the Permit is obtained in May 2020 by SCI WikiVillage with AAA architectes and DVVD architectes associés. The construction started at the end of 2022, and the project will be inaugurated very soon!

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