INAUGURAL LECTURE BSI-CITYDEV.BRUSSELS 2023 CHAIR DOINA PETRESCU and the Brussels Studies Institute are jointly organising the 7th edition of their inter-university chair. This edition is about The Co-Resilient City. Participants are also invited to reflect on that theme during several workshops.

Co-resilience is the ability of groups and communities to thrive and connect with others in times of crisis. The chair’s programme will address co-resilience processes, including key aspects such as Actors & Resources; Infrastructure & Tools; Organisation, Governance & Policy; Ecology, Economy & Wellbeing. It will also explore ways to map those aspects and create future scenarios. The aim is to learn from local and global initiatives and define forms of collaboration and strategic action that can have more impact and agency at the city scale.

The inaugural address introduces these issues through the experience of R-Urban, a project of the Atelier d’Architecture Autogérée as a commons-based network of civic resilience. R-Urban shows how architects, designers and other actors can collaborate with citizens and municipalities to design and manage urban commons. These commons can provide solutions to the complex transition process towards more resilient forms of governance at different scales, from the neighbourhood to the city, the region and beyond.

Interested? Meet for the inaugural speech on 10 March at 2.30pm at the Solvay Library, on Rue Belliard 137, 1040 Brussels.

This will be followed by four more classes and two workshops.

Info and registration: