Signature of the Common Preservation Charte for R-URBAN at Bagneux

At the beginning of 2023, we have reached a new stage in the R-Urban Bagneux strategy. The R-Urban, Agrocité and Recyclab, units have been donated to the Ville de Bagneux after several years of co-governance as common goods. This donation was made following the joint development of a common preservation charter with the city of Bagneux. We are very pleased with this legal step forward for the communal management of the commons but also for the R-Urban strategy which directly benefits the citizens of Bagneux! These two units can now continue to evolve and see the emergence of reflections on the creation of spaces and collectives that work for the ecological transition in contemporary cities threatened by the climate risks that we know. By continuing to work together, collaboratively and with long-term visions, we should eventually find new ways of living that are resilient and friendly to all! 336177751_230225609525606_6660806899876692840_n 336174669_573180351438607_2126772285526718024_n Signing the charter for the preservation of common property by Marie-Hélène AMIABLE and Pascale MÉKER (Bagneux town hall) and Doina PETRESCU (AAA).