Rojava Film Commune

What enables a community to operate with minimal reliance on money? The Rojava Film Commune works for the production, distribution, and reception of films depicting and documenting the stateless society of Rojava, Kurdish and Arab culture, and the region’s continuing military and ideological struggles.

Collective Pot?

Collective Pot? Art of practicing the commons-based economy of resilience Online course Saturday 18 September 2021, 14:00-17:00 (CET)

What shape can the infrastructure for the solidarity economy take? The Open Collective is working to build legal, financial, and technical tools which are open source and transparent – enabling connections between financial institutions, cooperatives, mutual aid groups and non-profit organizations.

Art for Universal Basic Income

How can artists organize against the increasing inequality amplified by the pandemic conditions globally? Art for Universal Basic Income – a campaign initiated by artists – is converging energies with movements across the world challenging the market’s current modes of exploitation.

Erfgoed (Heritage)

The Never-ending story of commoning a farmhouse in the lost farmlands. Looking back at Erfgoed (Agricultural Heritage and Land Use).


“…growing spiritually and practically. […] Abubuya, a word that in the Mojeno language means ‘to let oneself go with the flow’ […], in the Amazon basin, when the river rises, it is time to move to a higher location and to go ‘abubuya’.”


Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons envisions better ways of living together through practicing art and the commons. Through co-exploration and study with collective art projects as well as organizational experiments, our projects grow from critical questions and radical imagination – forming community and together generating art and knowledge as common resources.


“…treat people as oneself […] be curious of their stories […] be grateful for the open hearted sharing”