The edible school yard

Our Mission The Edible Schoolyard Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the transformation of public education by using organic school gardens, kitchens, and cafeterias to teach both academic subjects and the values of nourishment, stewardship, and community.

Edible education provides hands-on experiences that connect students to food, nature, and each other; and it systematically addresses the crises of climate change, public health, and social inequality. At its heart is a dynamic and joyful learning experience for every child.

Our Story Founded in 1995 by chef, author, and activist Alice Waters, the Edible Schoolyard Project began as an idea to transform the food experience at a public middle school in Berkeley, California. As the idea took shape, a coalition of educators, families, farmers, cooks, and artists joined the effort, working closely with students to create a flourishing garden and kitchen classroom.

Today, the Edible Schoolyard at Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School serves as a demonstration site and innovation hub for the field of edible education. Our curriculum offers students experiential learning opportunities that deepen their relationship with food, facilitate learning the skills of cooking and gardening, build their capacity for critical examination of the food system, and develop their agency to affect change in their own lives and in their communities. PSMS7-East-Harlem_201508_NancyBorowick_garden_7_hires_aerial_view_class-1-2 source: nycfoodpolicy 201508_NancyBorowick_garden_216_hires_curious_individual_gardening_students_kids_watering_wateringcan_1440home source: The edible school yard, Nancy Borowick IMG_0469%202 source: The edible school yard kids%20shucking%20corn source: The edible school yard